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- Telephone History Series
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- History of Phone Cards
- The Calling Card Industry
- Calling Card Types
- Phone Card Charges
- Phone Card Billing
- Phone Card Pitfalls
- Card Loss and Theft
- Collecting Phone Cards
- Phone Card Scams
- Prepaid Phone Cards
- International Phone Cards
- Instant PINS
- Card Terminology

- Mobile Telephone History
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Telephone History Series
by Tom Farley
On March 10, 1876, in Boston, Massachusetts, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Thomas Watson fashioned the device itself; a crude thing made of a wooden stand, a funnel, a cup of acid, and some copper wire. But these simple parts and the equally simple first telephone call -- "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you!" -- belie a complicated past. Bell filed his application just hours before his competitor, Elisha Gray, filed notice to soon patent a telephone himself. What's more, though neither man had actually built a working telephone, Bell made his telephone operate three weeks later using ideas outlined in Gray's Notice of Invention, methods Bell did not propose in his own patent.

Phone cards

History of Phone Cards
Prepaid phone cards were invented in Europe in the mid Seventies. Calling cards took another 11 years to reach the US. Since then the calling card and phone card industry has grown exponentially worldwide. Today, phonecards are sold in over 185 countries across the world.

Calling Card Types
A calling card or phone card is defined as telecommunication credit card with an Identification Code for using a pre-selected long distance carrier when the customer is away from their home or office. Phone cards are now being used extensively for residential calls. Phone cards are often considerably cheaper than collect calling, coin operated payphones or having the phone call charged to your hotel or motel room.

Collecting Phone Cards
Collecting phone cards, calling cards or, as they are often called, telecards is America's fastest growing hobby after collecting Pokemon cards. Although phonecards as a consumer commodity are only about 25 years old they come in a multiplicity of forms and like stamp collecting they are printable. The very fact that a phone card can have anything printed on it makes it collectable. Add to this the fact that cards are mostly printed in limited runs. This results in scarcities of each card as there are a finite number of that particular run.

Prepaid Phone Cards
A prepaid phone card or calling card is exactly what the name implies. You pay a fixed amount up front which may be for units, minutes or in your national currency. Typically the time based phone cards come in increments of 100, 300, 600, or 1000 minutes. Dollar based phone cards start at $5 and go up to around $300. When you make a call, the total cost of the call (which is often made up of several components) is accumulated and the remaining value on the card is reduced by the cost of the call.

Mobile phone

Mobile Telephone History
Digital wireless and cellular roots go back to the 1940s when commercial mobile telephony began. Compared with the furious pace of development today, it may seem odd that mobile wireless hasn't progressed further in the last 60 years. Where's my real time video watch phone? There were many reasons for this delay but the most important ones were technology, cautiousness, and federal regulation.

Prepaid calling cards and long distance service. T1 provider, Toll Free numbers, International long distance for mobile phone users.

Prepaid long distance service - best international and domestic long distance telephone rates for cell phones.

Prepaid long distance service - best international and domestic long distance telephone rates for cell phones.

Prepaid Long Distance International Phone Cards

Prepaid Calling Phone Cards with No Connection charge

Prepaid Calling Phone Cards with No Connection charge. Great for calls to Eastern and Western Europe

Prepaid Calling Phone Cards with No Connection charge. Great for calls anywhere and especially to: USA 2.9 c/min, Canada 3.9 c/min, Germany 2.9 c/min, Moscow Russia 2.9 c/min

Africa MAMA
Prepaid Calling Phone Cards with No Connection charge to Africa, Asia, and Middle East